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  • Emily Viprino

We Are Rock Harbor Shellfish

When tasked with sharing our story, we have taken our time figuring out how we would describe ourselves. Finally, here it is...

Point of View: You literally "wrangle" the kids into the 93 Jeep Wrangler and make your way to Pump House for some toys and sunblock (because of course we forgot it) and Nauset Surf for a bathing suit (the others are in the laundry, obviously). From there, you stop by Viv's Kitchen to get some rice and beans, a Garden Party sandwich, and some extras. Finally, you arrive at the Harbor. You carry one kid, grab the other's hand, throw a shade tent over one shoulder, the bag with sunblock and bathing suits on your back, and of course lunch in your free hand and then to the beach. The only beach toys with you are the ones nature provides. Your chair is a hole you dig with your hands in the beach sand underneath you. You lookout and across the bay is your husband dragging for dinner (literally and figuratively to provide income). You spend the day drenching everything you have in salt, sand, sun, and smiles (with a tablespoon of screams as well) and when the tide comes in you make your way up to the rocks to wave to Dad coming home.

That is our story. We spend most of our days at Rock Harbor. Not JUST for work but because it is our second home. It is where we meet our friends and family, whether we plan it or not. It is where we announced our second pregnancy. Our kids know the harbor, and the harbor regulars as well as they know their own house and family. We love our local stops on our way to the harbor and sharing the treasure that is this underrated beach stop with the clever tourists who wind up there.

We are thrilled to expand our reach in the community by being able to bring our seafood directly to customers. This is a life we are passionate about sharing and hope you will get to know us and our seafood!

Thank you for reading our story.

~Rock Harbor Shellfish Co.

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